Disneyland with Regina on 18 April 2015

  • Posted on: 22 April 2015
  • By: annachung

Patrick and Cassie left home at 8:30 am to Disneyland to meet with the Tsang’s family.


The girls dressed at Anna and Elsa, they are born in 2008 and they are good friends too.


Anna and Elsa!!! They looked adorable to me, I love Regina a lot too!


Aurora and Rapunzel!! We seldom queued up for photos with the princesses, it might be the second time that Cassie ever took photos with them.


Patrick was there too!


Then the girls were allowed to take the Dumbo ride.


They got tickets to take photos with Anna and Elsa early in the morning, finally they took pictures with them.


The girls didn’t go to a lot of rides, Daddies paid for unlimited photos to be taken in the park. So they were running around to ask the photographers to take photos for them.


They managed to take 400 photos for 400 dollars, well done Daddies.


The girls were complaining about their Daddies crazy act, C said they have only been to 4 rides for a day. Daddy took her running around in the park for photos.R0011369R0011381R0011384

Mystic manor was the third ride.


Grizzle bear was the fourth ride.


No wonder the girls were tired and kept complaining … they didn’t do much in Disneyland but photo shooting.


Both of them were very tired when I met them for sushi at night, poor girls!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015 (All day)