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BBQ at Kam Tin on 19 April 2015

  • Posted on: 23 April 2015
  • By: annachung

We headed to Kam Tin to BBQ, it was the first time we went there. I didn’t expect anything fun in the beginning, but the kids love it very much.


Marcus and Ed were happy to see each other but Cassie was in a mood. She was in a mood after I said we cannot buy toys straight away, we need to wait. She refused to play with the boys, the boys were doing some running on the grass. She sat down beside the FIRE and started to cook some sausages for herself.


After a while, she felt better but she refused to share her toy with the others. When she calmed down, we went for walk with the boys, there are some games available in the park, but you need to pay.


You can pay to feed the rabbit and goat.


$60 for 10 min, it is super expensive, but Cassie likes it.


Edward was crying in the end, he didn’t like Cassie kept on bumping into him, he enjoyed the drive but not the bumped.


He asked to ride on the electric car, we had one at home and I still paid for him, $30 for 15 min.


Patrick cooked by himself and he has burned most of the food.


I have cook more sweetcorn with butter, but we finished them, I was hoping to bring them home for the maids.


The kids had ice-cream and it was a hot day and they were very happy about it.


Hope that we can come again soon, we can teach the kids to ride their bike on the grass. It wont hurt as much when they fell over.


Sunday, April 19, 2015 (All day)