Cassie is still in

  • Posted on: 30 June 2008
  • By: annachung

Today is the end of June, and Cassie is still living inside my womb. Patrick has asked her to come out already cause her daddy wants to have a JUNE BABY GIRL. Mummy wants Cassie to come out quick. However, she is not listening to the both of us.

Fingers are getting more pain nowadays, they have been blown up by water and it is painful but cannot help. Feet are getting so fat as well, hope that all of these will be gone soon. In these days, I need to go to the loo at leave five times every night, so it is impossible to sleep good. Through the whole pregnancy, five times for a night are really a lot and usually I woke up only 3 times only. Anyway, she should be on her way cause the pain is getting more frequent and I cannot stand straight when I get up from the chair. It takes a while for me to stand straight to prevent the pain.

Daddy is at work today but he will get tmr off cause tmr will be public holiday. Hope that Cassie can be out soon so she can be a JUNE baby (Not much hope for mummy).

Husband said he has been tricked by me and I said I love my simple man (husband). Love my husband...

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